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Murder in Good Measure & Fringe Ending
Margaret Moore
Magyar cím:
Kiadó: Diamond Books
Nyelv: Angol
Típus: Használt   Állapot: Nagyon jóNagyon jóNagyon jóNagyon jóNagyon jó
Kiadás: 1991
ISBN 10: 0261662589
ISBN 13: 9780261662582
Méret: 11*18   Oldalszám: 411
Borító: Papír, Puha kötés
Raktáron: Elfogyott
Szállítási idő: 1 munkanap

Margaret Moore - Murder in Good Measure & Fringe Ending
Murder in Good Measure: At a Tudor dance festival held at the stately home of banker friends, a police officer's wife discovers the body of a fellow guest. It turns out that several guests had known the victim in his earlier, shadier days in this tale of blackmail and fraud.

Fringe Ending: Had Cambridge gardening guru Rupert Parsingham really committed suicide? Chief Inspector Baxter had his doubts. Personal weaknesses and past sins emerge from police inquiries into the suspects, but it is the contents of a tumble drier and Baxter's daughter Emma that conclusively prove murder.

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