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The Aquitaine Progression, The Chancellor Manuscript
Robert Ludlum
Magyar cím:
Kiadó: Grange Books
Nyelv: Angol
Típus: Használt   Állapot: JóJóJóJóJó
Kiadás: 1993
ISBN 10: 1856274381
ISBN 13: 9781856274388
Méret: 14*22   Oldalszám: 846
Borító: Kemény fedeles
Raktáron: Elfogyott
Szállítási idő: 1 munkanap

Robert Ludlum - The Aquitaine Progression, The Chancellor Manuscript
The Aquitaine Progression: An epic of massive betrayal from the master of action. Joel Converse is a highly successful American lawyer and hero of Vietnam. He is an intelligent but cold man, embittered by his war experiences. On business in Geneva he is approached by an old school friend under an assumed name, who puts Converse on the track of a group of leading right-wing generals whose intention is world domination. Then his friend is murdered -- and with his death the carnage starts. A reluctant Converse becomes both the tracker and the hunted, as everywhere he turns men are killed and he is implicated in their murder. He becomes the most wanted man in Europe, running both from the forces of good and the forces of evil: a man alone, increasingly forced into violence, a puppet manipulated by both sides, his only objective to stop the international conspiracy before it is too late.

The Chancellor Manuscript: Inver Brass-a group of high-minded and high-placed intellectuals who see a monstrous threat to the country in Hoover's unethical use of his scandal-ridden private files. They decide to do away with him-quietly, efficiently, with no hint of impropriety. Until best-selling thriller writer Peter Chancellor stumbles onto information that makes his precious books like harmless fairy tales. Now Chancellor and Inver Brass are on a deadly collision course, spiraling across the globe in an ever-widening arc of violence and terror. Hurtling toward a showdown that will rip Washington's intelligence community apart-leaving only one damning document to survive . . .

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