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The Wrong Side of the Sky
Gavin Lyall
Magyar cím:
Kiadó: Pan Books
Nyelv: Angol
Típus: Használt   Állapot: Nagyon jóNagyon jóNagyon jóNagyon jóNagyon jó
ISBN 10: 0330104888
ISBN 13:
Méret: 11*18   Oldalszám: 236
Borító: Papír, Puha kötés
Raktáron: Elfogyott
Szállítási idő: 1 munkanap

Gavin Lyall - The Wrong Side of the Sky
Captain Jack Clay, flying a Dakota on small charter assignments, runs into Ken Kitson- a teammate during the war and after- in Athens, where Ken has been personal pilot for an Indian Nawab on a post-Partition search for some two million dollars in gems the Nawab had had smuggled out. Kitson, who talks too much, drinks too much, but can fly like a bird, disappears in the Nawab's plane and is believed dead near the island where evidence of an earlier plane wreck ties in with the lost jewels. Clay, under the pressure of murder (his charter agent's), flies his Dak into North Africa, discovers that his contraband cargo is part of the missing cache. There too he meets up again with Ken, escapes from some dangerous Arabs, hides a few of the jewels in his petrol tank, and with Ken taxis back to the island where they jockey with the Nawab for the payoff.... A lot of turbulence in the atmosphere here, but it's an exciting treasure hunt- slick to spectacular. (Kirkus Reviews) --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

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